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Traveling in Ethiopia: 10 Things for Kids to do
Jul 5, 2015

Friendly people, interesting sights, safe, affordable, and easy transportation. Traveling with kids in Ethiopia is an enriching experience. Ethiopia is twice the size of France, and is located in the Northeastern side of Africa, just above Kenya and the equator. Accessing the country is through Addis Ababa, and short flights and buses link the four […]

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Traveling to Ethiopia: Seven Things to Pack
On: Jun 30, 2015
By: Laura Vaughan

Seven must-haves for traveling to Ethiopia: Money Belt: Ethiopia is a beautiful and completely safe country. But petty theft and pick-pocketing are common. When visiting populated areas like markets and tourist attractions, it is good idea to keep larger bills in a money belt hidden underneath clothing. Smaller bills and coins are fine to keep […]

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