From Moshi to “Disneyworld”—Traveling to Zambia

We arrived in Livingstone, Zambia June 23. It’s is a lot like Disneyworld. Segways, zip lining, rafting, elephant ridBoysatVictoriaFallses, jet boat rides, bungee jumping, ATVs, paintballing, horse back riding, helicopters rides, crocodile pools, music, food buffets, are just some of the activities you can do right next to the Zambezi river and Victoria Falls.  It is not at all like East Africa.

Just the hot water and the food buffet were overwhelming for us after six months in Northern Tanzania, not to mention air-conditioning! But the moment we stepped foot out of the resort next to the falls and into the local community, we were back in Africa. The flies, the bush, and the animals were all the same. Sigh. Now this was familiar.

The town of Livingstone is about 5 miles from “hotel resort-central,” but it is still like Las Vegas compared to Moshi.  Livingstone has a grocery store. With a frozen food aisle. We haven’t seen one of those since leaving the U.S last December. It is amazing what electricity can do for towns and stores.

Victoria Falls and the Kariba Dam generate hydroelectric power for Zambia. That and theZambiaGorge copper mining industry means that the roads don’t have potholes, and Zambians follow rules when driving.  For travelers coming to Africa for the first time, or traveling outside South Africa, the availability of power and trans-portation make for a gentle introduction to Sub-Saharan Africa.

We over-indulged for two nights at the Zambezi Sun, and then moved to the bush to Prana Tent Camp for the rest of our time in Livingstone. This was so we wouldn’t become too accustomed to western comforts before spending a week in Ethiopia.

From the resort we could hear the thundering rumble of the falls at night, from the bush we could hear lions roaring. It was the best of both sides of Zambia.




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