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Where Multicultural Really Counts: A Silicon Valley FA and Family Live the Concept

Bridgepipelinelunch.org was subsequently created as a fund for the more than $13,000 the Vaughan children raised to repair the footbridge in Kimashuku, install the mile-long water pipeline, and provide daily lunches for 150 school children in Mlima Shabaha.

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Mpira (Kiswahili for Soccer)
On: May 22, 2015
By: Laura Vaughan

Sam and Reid wanted to learn real “Tanzanian” soccer while we were in Moshi. Made sense. Ok, why not? Our life at home was totally over-subscribed with sports, tutors, clubs, etc, so why shouldn’t we apply the same recipe of enrichment in East Africa? Maybe this time we could dial it back and get the […]

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One Month in Moshi
On: Jan 30, 2015
By: Liz Ernst

There haven’t been any more declarations of missing the TV or xbox since we got chickens.  If we had known in advance that it would be so easy, we would have bought chickens years ago at home.  This is a small victory after four weeks of living in Moshi. We have won a few battles […]

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Two Weeks in Moshi
On: Jan 15, 2015
By: Laura Vaughan

The largest denomination of money in Tanzanian shillings is a 10,000 bill.  This is equivalent to about $6.  The average wage is about $3 per day.  Gas costs $1 per liter, so is very expensive for Tanzanians therefore most of them walk, sometimes over 4 miles per day.  In shoes that a podiatrist would definitely […]

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