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Duct Tape & Hot Showers
On: Apr 3, 2015
By: Laura Vaughan

Duct Tape and Hot Showers …These are the two things that we don’t have and would pay lots for in Moshi. To say that duct tape and a hot shower are highly coveted is an understatement. Here’s what we do have instead that we pay lots more for at home… Food that is locally produced, […]

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The food
On: Jan 30, 2015
By: Laura Vaughan
In: Blog, food

  Most Tanzanians don’t drink coffee even though it is grown here – they drink “Chai” tea with milk, “sukari” (sugar) and add a masala spice of ginger and cinnamon Most Tanzanians have only Chai tea for breakfast, and prefer margarine to butter Most people earn less than $4 a day and eat a diet […]

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