The food
By: Laura Vaughan
Jan 30, 2015


  • Most Tanzanians don’t drink coffee even though it is grown here – they drink “Chai” tea with milk, “sukari” (sugar) and add a masala spice of ginger and cinnamon
  • Most Tanzanians have only Chai tea for breakfast, and prefer margarine to butter
  • Most people earn less than $4 a day and eat a diet of bananas, beans and rice or ugali. Everyday, all meals.
  • Tanzanians’ favorite food is “Ugali” a corn porridge which looks like stiff mashed potatoes. With no salt or butter.
  • Lunch is eaten at 1pm
  • Most Tanzanians cook over an open fire with firewood – so the air is usually very smokey
  • The most common oil for cooking is sunflower oil and it is made by hand and sold in plastic water bottles in the local markets.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower or mushrooms are not grown in Tanzania, but avocado and bananas are grown there. Everywhere.
  • There are 7 types of bananas in Tanzania; one for eating, one for cooking or frying; one for ugali…
  • The shells of eggs from Tanzanian chickens are brown and the yolks are pale yellow.
  • Many Tanzanians love hot dogs and like their pasta crunchy.



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