Crucial for locals to cross the Weruweru River, which swells during the rainy season from March-May. Without this bridge, many people in the neighboring village of Kimashuku will be at risk because of the danger associated with swimming across to get supplies. The bridge in bridgepipelunch.org


A school 15 miles west of Kiliminjaro without water. Each of the 150 students of Mlima Shabaha Public Elementary School must carry gallon jugs of water 1-2 miles to school each morning, so students can drink, and wash their desks and the school each day. A water pipe can solve this problem. The pipe in bridgepipelunch.org


Because of the lack of rainfall west of Kilimanjaro, families mostly from the Maasai tribe are unable to provide sufficient food for themselves. Students at Mlima Shabaha Public Elementary School do not eat while at school, and so these children have only two meals a day. When schools are able to serve lunch, attendance increases and students learn more effectively. The lunch in bridgepipelunch.org

Service Projects

Lunch Program for Sanya Station School
Sponsored by Nativity School in Menlo Park, CA
Bridge to Kimashuku
Tate Vaughan & German-American International School
Build a Water Pipe to Mlima School Tanzania
Reid Vaughan
Lunch Program for Mlima Shabaha School
Sam Vaughan
Roof Repair of Sanya Station School
Bradley-Harding Family

How can you help?

Watch for Lalafofofo.org

On behalf of the Vaughan family, much appreciation goes to the following schools and organizations for their generous support: • German-American International School, Menlo Park, CA USA www.gais.org • Nativity School, Menlo Park, CA USA www.nativityschool.com • the community of Menlo Park/Atherton • Individual contributors located around the world - US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Tanzania Laura and Brannan Vaughan are in the process of registering these projects as a 501(c)(3) under the family’s nonprofit “Lalafofofo," meaning any donations to these projects will be retroactively tax-deductible. “Lalafofofo” is a Swahili expression for sleeping peacefully. Should you have any questions, your inquiries and feedback are welcomed. Your support for bridge pipe lunch donations for Moshi, Tanzania is greatly appreciated.


News/Press Releases

About us

The Vaughan family-—Laura, Brannan and their three sons Sam, 13, Reid, 11 and Tate, 10—are technically Silicon Valley residents, although chances are you will find them on Safari or hiking around Mount Kilimanjaro National Park on any given day. Before their marriage, performed by a Buddhist monk in Thailand, Laura and Brannan explored the world, back- packing Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and parts of the Middle East. They later took their kids on similar adventures to Vietnam, Honduras, the Galapagos, Bolivia, Peru and Europe. In January 2015, they brought their boys to Africa for a semester abroad to experience Tanzanian culture and to find a service project to “give back” to the local community. Instead they found three, and are planning more in the near future. The Vaughans chose Tanzania for its people, amazing wildlife, landscape, and more importantly, because they believe they can make an impact there. When they chose to come to Moshi, Tanzania the Vaughans had no idea what kind of service projects they would perform. They wanted it to be completely “Do-it-yourself” from the ground up. There is an existing NGO industry in East and South Africa that survives on volunteer-tourism, where people pay to come perform service for a specified duration, but it wasn’t a good fit for the family because the kids had to go to school. Also, Mount Kilimanjaro area has a long history of missionary work, great work, but the Vaughans had something tangible and personal in mind that each of the kids could relate to. Poverty is a huge problem here and a completely worthy cause, but it would be over-reaching to expect their 10-year old to solve it in 6 months. So they started fundamentally and ultimately ended up with “A bridge, a pipe, and lunch."


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